Gulag Moon by Tom Ciolli
In Gulag Moon, the story focuses on Zach Murphy's disastrous early military experiences as he learns first hand about being on the receiving end of technologically advanced weaponry. The action begins as the Mining Syndicate drops a thousand obsolete factory workers off in a forest, gulag style. To survive, the workers must learn to fend for themselves, and eventually, they must confront the Syndicate and fight. Regrouping from the ashes of a disastrous defeat, Murphy quickly learns what a small mobile guerilla force can accomplish.
Chronos by Tom Ciolli
In Chronos, in the year 2132, Zach Murphy is a member of an elite group of commandos called the Wolverines. On the frontier of man’s expansion into space, and too far from Earth to receive assistance, battles are frequently fought with a mix of easy to maintain twentieth century weaponry and devastating technology. Murphy’s squad is called upon to fight huge military robots while using only handheld weapons. Survival is not likely. Failure is not an option. The freedom of mankind is at stake as the eclectic squad of commandos spearheads the effort to free the enslaved population of Chronos from the grasp of a totalitarian organization. Several surprises aid the team as they uncover the secrets of the planet’s population, both human and alien.
Chronos Prophecies by Tom Ciolli
In Chronos Prophecies, a group of commandos known as the Wolverines are called upon to fulfill a series of prophecies and they must utilize their unique powers to defend the planet Chronos from the mining Syndicate. As the prophecies begin to unfold, the squad of commandos realizes that their potential is so much more than they had ever dreamed of. The squad takes possession of alien technology and begins the unfolding of their true nature as they discover that they are the result of a thousand years of selective breeding and are the next step in human evolution.
Battle For Chronos by Tom Ciolli
In The Battle For Chronos, two massive armadas battle with each other on their journey to win the conquest of the planet Chronos. As one million human telepaths are trained for the task of fighting the Mining Syndicate, a running battle is fought with a vast expanse of space as the battleground. The fate of Chronos is never as much in doubt as it is while the outcome of this battle is determined.
Zombies of Chronos by Tom Ciolli
In Zombies of Chronos several species from the future conspire to subvert and eliminate Defense Corps. Species from ten thousand years in the future use advanced technology to resurrect the dead and build an army of zombie warriors controlled by a hive mind. Soldiers who perished in a space battle, begin appearing in a reanimated form with numerous high tech implants. The Wolverines need to rely on time travel, telepathy, the acquisition of future technology, and good old fashioned wit, stealth, and combat tactics to survive.